Digital Experience Platform and What Differentiates it from a CMS

Providing digital experiences has been a core area for enterprises, especially post-pandemic when the digital route has transformed from a mere option to a necessity. Customers, employees, and partners expect us to meet them on as many digital touchpoints as possible, and a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) ensures this happens with its set of core […]

What is Google Apigee API Management Platform?

Google Apigee brings API management and integration under a single unified platform. It helps enterprise IT teams to scale their operations, accelerate developer velocity, and increase the speed to market by leveraging its cloud-native architecture principles. Apigee Hybrid offers enterprises the option and flexibility to host their APIs on-premises, on Google Cloud, or in a […]

Employee Engagement – The WHATs, WHYs, and HOWs

The absence of a strong sense of purpose is driving a high number of employees away from their workplaces. HR Analytics and advisory company, Gallup calls this an “Employee Engagement Crisis”. This Employee Engagement Crisis impacts 51% of disengaged workers in the US. Employee engagement is a latent phenomenon with many divergent definitions and opinions from […]

10 Brisk Customer Experience Trends For 2022

With the pandemic wreaking havoc everywhere, organizations experienced some major transformations across 2020–21. Come 2022, businesses continue to evolve to keep up with the market dynamics. Here, the aim is obviously to provide a better customer experience and solidify brand loyalty. In this pandemic-hit world, businesses must, therefore, be aware of the major CX trends […]

Apigee X and its role in “Digital Transformation”

The Covid-19 chapter changed consumer behavior and work environments to a great extent. As a result, the outlook of organizations towards digital transformation changed drastically. It became a necessity to quickly adapt to changing atmosphere and digital demands. They had to think beyond mere digital transformation and strive for digital excellence. Google came up with its upgraded solution […]