Top 5 DXPs (Digital Experience Platforms)

Top 5 DXPs

We discussed Digital Experience Platforms and their differences with Content Management Systems in a previous article. Today, let’s have a look at the top 5 DXPs available out there:

  1. Liferay DXP

A leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for 2021, Liferay Digital Experience Platform is available both on-premise and as a PaaS. The firm boasts an extensive global user base of medium and large-scale enterprises. Offering a “single pane of glass” integration, Liferay DXP has everything to bind the business process into a unified digital platform. Unified APIs offer consistent API design and developer experience to bring together APIs from a specific industry under one flexible DXP. Intranets, websites, customer portals, partner portals, and integration platforms provided by Liferay are a class apart from any other provider in this list.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce Experience Cloud by Salesforce is a SaaS product that offers tech tools around content management, personalization, AI, CDPs, and integrations. Its CRM offers a host of capabilities and is a frontrunner in this field. Salesforce has a huge portfolio of products that are often used in conjunction with its DXP.

  1. Adobe

Adobe’s DXP is called Adobe Experience Cloud and is available on-premise and as a PaaS. It is a feature-rich platform with content management, analytics, personalization, customer data management and campaign management capabilities, taking the overall cost of ownership on the higher side. Though Adobe Experience Cloud is mostly used in B2C environments, B2B is not alien to it either.

  1. Acquia

Termed Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform, Acquia’s DXP encompasses Drupal Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Available as PaaS and SaaS, it has capabilities for content management, personalization, and customer journey management, often strengthened by Drupal’s extensive community of contributors.

  1. Oracle

Oracle’s DXP is called Oracle Customer Experience (CX) and has numerous products under its hood, Oracle Content and Experience, Oracle CX Marketing, and Oracle CX Service being just a few. The UI of Oracle CX has been improved and made user-friendly over time to entertain even the most non-technical of professionals. The product portfolio being so vast, it may, however, baffle many users and increase the cost of investments in its SaaS offerings.


The complete article was originally published on SIDGS blog.